Insane Clown party politicians…

     I just had an epiphany: the only way the leaders of our country could get us sixty-three trillion dollars in debt and no balanced budget proposal in sight  – as a matter of fact, Obama is proposing more “stimulus”- Is because they are all insane buffoons clinging desperately to power by spending the country into oblivion. We as a people generally want a living wage and the ability to improve ours lot in life, reasonably priced health care and education, the ability to defend ourselves, and  a clean and safe environment to raise our children and live. These are basic government functions.

     We really have none of that. So, where is the money going?

     Which leads us to the insanity part. At what point does what both parties have done to our country in the last 20 years NOT constitute insane behavior?  They spent every dividend that could have come out of the end of the cold war in 1989:  political, peace, financial; the country is not one bit better for this spending…we are so far worse off it could only have taken someone dedicated to destroying America to have done a better job at it. When individuals continue a course of action that is clearly detrimental, and they do it over and over, it is a psychosis. They have lost touch with reality. The only other possibility? That they are all criminals, and we really do have ‘gangsta” government, and there is no more “American” ideal.

     We need to end the self-perpetuating power of the two political parties. National and Federal term limits, great ideas that need action. Limiting crossing over between branches of government is another. Ending the vast perks that federal and state representatives in all branches of government get is a final piece. Should we really allow the luxurious party atmosphere that pervades Washington, D.C.?  Why should reps get catered meals and cocktails, expense accounts and free trips all over the world? Why incredible health care plans and magnificent pensions for already wealthy reps, when so many in America don’t have the basics? Check out some of these links. You will be astonished, if not horrified. Really: who gets a pension for five years service in this day and age?? These are the things that have to change first, for America to get its priorities back.


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