Koch brothers video on quality of life: the perverse twisting of “economic freedom”.

Charles Koch’s video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1U1Jzdghjk

What is amazing about this propaganda is that he takes the accomplishments of progressive countries and subtly infers it as a capitalist accomplishment.

The truth? In the last bastion of pure western capitalism, the USA quality of life is down, and dropping. It is directly related to corporate greed: taking jobs unnecessarily overseas, cutting salaries and benefits at home, and transferring vast amounts of wealth to the already incredibly rich. All while ignoring infrastructure, making vast profits from our children’s university educations, and effectively turning them into indentured servants.

I’m including just a few stats from different agencies worldwide. I try to use links from non-progressive websites to have the best sources: take a look! Germany is going through an “economic miracle“. The top ten spots for quality of life are all social democratic countries. The “failed states” map shows that we are on par with Greece, which is currently inundated with political unrest because apparently their elites raped their country too.

The truth is the loss of the American middle class is why our quality of life isn’t even close to that of other western nations. Currently it is the socialized democracies that provide their citizens with accessible tools like education, healthcare, quality work life and viable safety nets and pensions that are letting those nations forge ahead while the USA forgets that for a Republic, financial security IS freedom.


     Condolences to the families of the Massey Mine explosion in West Virginia.  I wonder what people think about the idea of federalizing or state owning of mines and minerals? It would be interesting if miners were treated like soldiers: 30 days off, free health care, and a pension after 20 years. What if all people in Tennessee, West Virginia, and Kentucky profited from the minerals under their land? I keep wondering why in this modern age a few massive international or national companies are allowed to continue garnering huge wealth for a few while the brave souls who provide it get…dust…and explosions…and preachers who assure them their reward will be in heaven.Two Alaskan governors helped make Alaskans owners of their own state, and every year every single citizen gets a dividend check.  Jay Hammond, probably the most decent man to govern any state anywhere, put the idea in motion. Another two-time common sense governor, Wally Hickel, continues to champion the idea in his books. Some years its been as high as $3000 a person, kids included. Why don’t other states go this route? I feel for the people of Appalachia. Capitalism works, but only when the wealth is shared. Otherwise it becomes fascism.

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