Venezuela, Oil “Revolutions”, and The Sick Man of the West.

Following these Venezuela events a bit, mostly from Jason Silva’s posts and my own experience and knowledge as a Marine in Latin America. Some things never change, eh guys? My only question to what degree are we and our oil industry involved, (this started under Obama), and who are the major US players. I’ll wager anyone there are several special ops teams with at least eyes on, and who knows maybe fanning the flames a bit. Roadside bomb here, cop shot there; Another Ukraine and Syria, all about gas and oil…10% of our imports come from here.
Shut it down (by sanctions) and oil prices could go through the roof, just in time for oil guys around the world…including Russia and Iran, and hey, yes: the USA. Now THAT is deep state, meta: these companies don’t worry about politics (as such) it’ll just be a great boost to the bottom line, just like everyone from George Washington to Smedley Butler, to General/President Eisenhower warned you.
Keep on eye on this, keep an eye on Turkey and Erdogan, on Putin as he responds to US “sanctions” over the war we created in Ukraine, on Korea and on China. Keep an eye on nationalistic yearnings by Iran and the Saudi family. Then realize when the Republicans crowed and triumphed over Reagan “winning the Cold War, they forget history. That Germany was touted as “beaten” in World War I by politicians and media for 20 years. That afterward those years were just looked at as an Interregnum, realize that to play our own game of winning by spending the Soviet Union into ruin…is a simple process by our economic adversaries. A flare up here, a crisis there, and we are spending so much money on “Defense” that our country hasn’t touched infrastructure or the welfare of the citizens in almost 40 years.
There are several accounts now from other Western nations where we are now not looked on as a world leader. Not because of the soft power of an Obama administration interested in lifting up third world nations, or the angry rhetoric and bigger-stick approach of Trump, but because when they and their citizens visit our nation, they don’t see the “American Dream.” They see decrepit cities, crime, unhappiness, third world societal benefits or worse. All indicators point to the Social Democracies as being the new yardstick for that Dream: quality of life, economic and social mobility.
Wherever that leaves us after the next four years, with not only these adversaries but also resurgent European nations once again taking over the world leadership role, remember one thing: it wasn’t liberalism or conservatism that got us there…it was politicians in the pockets of international industrialists and oil cartels that took a great, special notion, that of a free people determining their own affairs in a peaceful and prosperous manner, and turned it into the “Sick Man of the West.”


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