“The Hurt Locker”- Oscar worthy?

Ok I’ve seen “The Hurt Locker” twice, in theaters and at home.  The buzz surrounding it from Hollywood itself is how authentic it is and how James Cameron’s ex-wife is in serious competition to upstage his own, more expensive epic dealing with the same topic:  imperialism. (Avatar).

I enjoyed the flick, but this is no “Generation Kill,” which truly reminded me of marines in the field. Spot on. Truthfully, The Hurt Locker” is this year’s “Top Gun.” Fun when it played, but ultimately hokey and serving not as a mirror to reflect on the coalition war in Iraq, but rather acting as a fluff piece to present a budding star (Jeremy Renner).  Like Top Gun, “The Hurt Locker” easily acts as a recruiting tool. I doubt the U.S. Army had a lot of volunteers to disarm IED’s;  presenting this dangerous act as sexy, wild, and rock and roll no doubt increased the intake.

That those in the industry are fooled into thinking it is “intelligent” only shows how ironic it is that a Hollywood decidedly not pro-war now might award its highest honor to a film practically dedicated to the proposition that war is necessary to fulfill the soul.


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